Gavin Keen

Strategy, Market & Product Development at GLS International

Gavin Keen who is a senior Supply Chain Management strategist at GLS International has joined the 6th International Procurement and Supply Chain Conference as a Speaker for the event.

Gavin is a seasoned returnable packaging professional with over 20 years’ senior management experience in building equipment pools across a number of global geographies. Having worked with the world’s largest pallet pooling company for over 17 years, Gavin was instrumental in bringing the concept of pallet pooling to the Middle East market in 2003. More recently providing strategic business advice and insight to various returnable packaging organisations, particularly in developing market entry strategies in emerging and developing markets for new equipment pooling entrants.

Gavin has worked as a Strategic & Market Management consultant supporting GLS management teams in a variety of returnable packaging solutions in South Africa & Middle East.

Gavin studied Business Management from the University of South Africa, with a focus on business development and strategic operations. Previously he has worked with brands like Kenwood and CHEP.