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The smartest HR teams are those that are aware of the “future of work”. And with changes getting more dramatic than ever, the future will arrive faster.

While tomorrow’s HR leaders will have to be more tech-savvy and agile, they must also be able to accommodate something more exciting, more big and extra-ordinary in their area of work.

Blue Ocean Conferences is proud to present the International Human Resources Conference (IHRC) on 18th June, 2022, Saturday at the Armani Hotel in Dubai-Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates. Themed on the concept of “HR Metaverse – Transforming Human Capital Digitally”, IHRC will serve as a niche platform for HR leaders and professionals to unite and gain world-class insights enabling the profession to thrive in an ever-transforming world of action.

One-day Event

09:00 AM – 04:00 PM (UAE Time)

Game Changing Ideas

Game Changing Ideas

5 Panel Discussions + 8 Keynotes

Exclusive Media Coverage

IHRC Awards 2022

Convocation Ceremony

Certificate of Attendance
Creating Immersive Experiences to Leverage Human Potential
As the world moves into the future, the pace of change itself is accelerating with the potential to continue disrupting entire industries. HR leaders must be ready to navigate whatever change comes their way.

Technology and innovation are key driving factors for harnessing human potential, leading to efficiency and advancement. Today’s and tomorrow’s HR leaders are supposed to nurture a work culture where employees can engage with each other in far more immersive way. In short, it must be reflective of productivity, wellbeing and above all employee satisfaction.

The International Human Resources Conference is the perfect platform to learn and translate the current and upcoming trends in technology including the role of Metaverse. All of these will enable you to connect closely to your people and secure the employee – employer relationship on a much higher level.

And as metaverse as a technology drives a level of intrigue not seen before, many companies including some of the world’s top-leading brands like Coca-Cola, Walmart, Gucci, Disney etc have shown an avid interest in the technology by utilizing the same.

IHRC will witness HR representatives from different industries – banking, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, E-commerce, education and training, supply chain, automotive, etc.

Game Changing Ideas :
All set to take place in the heart of Dubai - the world’s leading smart and sustainable city, the International Human Resources Conference 2022 hasthe perfect backdrop for facilitating the opportunity to discuss game changing ideas that can elevate HR practices to the next level.

Next-level Networking :
Meet, interact and connect with a global community representing the best minds and key influential leadersfrom different industries and from the government and private sectors to build a powerful network.

Matching Pace with Innovation :
With evolution pacing up speedily in the world HR leaders must keep abreast of modern emerging ideas and practices that will affect not just the workforce but the larger business canvas for their organizations. Catch up with all you need to know at IHRC 2022.

Embrace the Future :
Workplaces are beginning to emphasize the employee experience as a means of fostering improved engagement and productivity. That requires the ability to design an experience that is so advanced that it can leverage workforce potential to the maximum. This will help companies gain optimal productivity, as well as stay competitive.
Chief Guest & Patron
We are truly blessed to receive the valuable patronage and support of His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan for the International Human Resource Conference on 18th June 2022. At the same time, it is also a great honour for us to have His Excellency as the Chief Guest of IHRC 2022. Blue Ocean Conferences is humbled and grateful for His Excellency's generosity.
IHRC 2022 Visionary Speaker Line-Up

Learn, Unlearn & Relearn with the Experts

Key Note Topics

Sharing Experiences, Enriching Learning

Reimagining Future Of Work Through Metaverse

  • Is Metaverse all set to disrupt existing business practices
  • Growing interest of brands toward the intriguing idea of Metaverse
  • Are three-dimensional virtual offices the future of work
How procurement help suppliers

Augmenting Employee Experience To The Next-Level Through Metaverse

  • Remodelling work culture to leverage employee engagement
  • Areas of HR that Metaverse will help to improve
  • Metaverse pushing the hybrid work model to the next level

Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Global Learning and Intelligence

  • AI – leading the way toward the futuristic smart work approach
  • Ways in which Artificial Intelligence has helped HR
  • Areas where AI may not work in favor of organizational human capital

Driving organizational change in the Digital Era

  • The latest and upcoming digital HR trends to follow up with
  • Enhancing productivity in remote and hybrid workspaces
  • Valuable digital HR strategies to achieve organizational goals

HR Innovation Through Employee Engagement

  • Areas for HR leaders to focus on for enabling growth opportunities
  • Top ways to unlock the true innovation culture in your organization
  • Challenges that HR leaders face while trying to foster an innovation culture

Role of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in HR Strategy

  • Ways in which HR leaders develop diversity, inclusive and equity initiatives
  • Are diverse and inclusive companies more likely to hit financial goals
  • HR shattering the false dichotomy between empathy and accountability

BIOHACKING for Peak Performance

AI Before AI

Panel Discussions

Listen, Learn & Grow
IHRC Awards 2022

Individual Award Categories

Inspirational Leader of the Year

This award category recognizes the most influential game-changing HR leader in recent times. It is dedicated to celebrating the exceptional leadership of the HR leader who has made a big impact on the organization.
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HR Business Partner of the Year

This award recognises talented HR business partners, HR managers or other senior HR professionals that are making a difference in their organisation. Entries should describe the contribution made to their team and to the organisation as a whole.
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HR’s Rising Star of the Year

The Rising Star Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated early leadership qualities in human resources through personal performance and commitment to professional, volunteer, and educational opportunities. Rising stars are the future of the profession.
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Organization Award Categories

Outstanding Talent Management Strategy

Entrants should give details of how their organisation defines and spots talent, where responsibility for managing talent sits, how they deliver appropriate development opportunities and how they monitor and measure the success of implementation and outcome.
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Best Women Development & Leadership Programme

The recipients of this award are committed to supporting, engaging and advancing women leaders at their organizations and in their communities.
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Best Employee Support Strategy

Entrants should give details of how their organisation have developed a well-thought-out strategy linking employee support to the heart of the business. The strategy should be holistic, explaining how all aspects of the employee experience – including for example recognition, values, employee voice, culture and communications - have been considered to improve engagement with the organisation and what it seeks to achieve.
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