International Procurement and Supply Chain Awards
Celebrating Excellence by Honouring Inspirational Leadership

Individual Award Categories

Procurement & Supply Chain Leader

This award recognizes the most prominent leader who is significantly driving the procurement and supply chain strategy forward and creating a positive and meaningful impact on the industry and its people.

Logistics & Transportation Leader

This award rewards the most influential leader who has been meticulously pushing the logistics and transportation sector ahead and yielding positive results for the industry and its people.

Dynamic Procurement & Supply Chain Professional

The award honours the most dynamic and influential professional, who has shown an impeccable command in raising the profile of the procurement and supply chain industry and its people.

Young Achiever in Procurement & Supply Chain

This award rewards a young and dynamic professional from the procurement and supply chain industry who has demonstrated a strong perspective and high potential for the future success of the industry.

Woman Leader in Procurement & Supply Chain

This award honours the most powerful woman leader from the world of procurement and supply chain for her outstanding abilities in taking the profession and the people of her organization forward.

Organization Award Categories

Inspirational Procurement & Supply Chain Leadership

The award honours the exemplary contribution of an inspirational leadership organization from procurement and supply chain for achieving phenomenal results and preserving the industry’s integrity.

Innovation in Procurement & Supply Chain Practice

This award rewards the fresh perspectives and efforts of an organization/team for its brilliant implementation of productive dimensions through technological innovation AI (Artificial Intelligence) / Blockchain / RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to procurement and supply chain practices.

Leader in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

This award honours the efforts of an organization/team that has made significant strides in streamlining principles of sustainability within their supply chain practices and created environment awareness.

Innovative Shipping & Transportation Organization

This category recognizes the tactful and innovative efforts of a shipping and transportation organization/team that demonstrated exceptionally smooth and timely delivery of services even during the toughest of times.

Supporting Supply Chain in Times of Crisis

This award honours the commendable efforts of an organization/team that displayed strong and visible support to the supply chain industry through meaningful practices even during the peak crisis times of the pandemic.

Application Form
Individual Award Categories          Organization Award Categories
Organizational Description
***If the applicant is an independent self-accounting subsidiary or a unit of a larger company, a brief description should be given of the organizational relationship to the ‘parent’ organization. Briefly describe how the applicant’s products and services relate to those of the parent and/or other units of the parent organization.
Please provide a Self-Appraisal Report using the criteria below to explain and justify your eligibility for the award applied for. Kindly ensure that the responses are limited to the number of words specified against each criterion.
A. Conceptualization (20 points)
Please describe how the strategy/plan/program/initiative to provide/enhance the product/service, was conceptualized. Who were the stakeholders for your product/service? What prompted this strategy/plan/program/initiative to be undertaken? What was unique and/or original about this strategy/plan/program/initiative? (300 words )

B. Standards & Benchmarking (10 points)
Please describe if you adhered to any local or global standards as a benchmark while formulating your strategy/plan/program/initiative. What prompted you to adopt this benchmark/standard? (200 words )

C. Managing the Implementation (30 points)
Please describe in detail how your strategy/plan/program/initiative was implemented and who were the key stakeholders involved. What unique methods did you adopt or use in your implementation? How did you manage the implementation? How did you measure the satisfaction of the stakeholders before and after the implementation? (500 words )

D. Implementation Evidence (30 points)
Please provide all available data to demonstrate how you were able to meet or exceed the stakeholders’ expectations. What were the tangible results of your strategy/plan/program/initiative on the stakeholder’s happiness and business results? You can share data analysis, any reviews, recommendations and citations received from verifiable parties and/or from reputed third-party consultants, websites and aggregators or any recognition, awards and certifications received from reputed organisations to support your response (500 words )

E. Sustainability (10 points)
Please describe how the strategy/plan/program/initiative you implemented can continue serving the needs of your stakeholders in the future too. What impact did it create on them (200 words )

Note1: There are no specific eligibility criteria or restrictions for applying for these Awards. However, all applicants are expected to reasonably demonstrate, perceptible achievement and/or contribution in the areas applied for. Objective proof and clear evidence of contribution and achievement will substantially improve the chances of winning the awards.
Note2: All submissions will be held in absolute confidence and will not be divulged or shared with any third party except with your prior consent.
The International Procurement and Supply Chain Awards, established in 2021, are currently the global standard for procurement and supply chain excellence. It is created to recognize the finest professionals and organizations in procurement and supply chain.

The International Procurement and Supply Chain Awards is pleased to announce the call for entries. Initiated by the Award Scheme for Procurement and Supply Chain Excellence, it aims to promote worldwide corporate procurement and supply chain excellence efforts in both developed and developing countries.
The Award
International Procurement and Supply Chain Awards, named after Blueocean Training Academy, is awarded annually. Each winner receives a Trophy together with a Certificate. The award winners may use the International Procurement and Supply Chain Awards Logo with year on their printed and promotional materials. Selected organizations may be awarded a Commendation Certificate by the Jury.

Why This Award?
The International Procurement and Supply Chain Awards were created to encourage and assist companies in quickly improving Procurement and Supply chain processes. It is a strong self-assessment tool and a method to create corporate governance brand equity. The award preparation inspires and aligns the whole workforce and management roles. As a result of defining and self-evaluating its activities, the organisation will enhance its performance in this area.
Independent audits review self-assessment applications is most important part of assessment
Eligible Organizations
The ‘International Procurement and Supply Chain Awards' are open to all sectors, industries, and government companies worldwide. The organization's operations must be self-sufficient, with clearly defined roles, authority, budgets, and outcomes.
Rules & Regulations
  • The Award Jury's decision is final and no communication or appeal will be entertained.
  • If the necessary criteria is not reached, the Award Secretariat retains the right to declare multiple winners and/or withhold awards.
  • Awards may be awarded for each sub-sector, even if only one application is received for each category (as decided by the Jury).
  • They may be asked to give a short presentation to the Jury, or one of the judges may be asked to check or verify the facts on site. applicant assumes all travel and lodging costs, if any
  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the revelation of application information to Assessors or Jury members, even if all reasonable measures are taken to keep it confidential.
  • The Award Secretariat cannot guarantee the return of supporting papers.
  • The Award Secretariat may change the Award Scheme at any time without notification.
Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality
  • Names of applicants, comments, and score information are private and kept secret. Only those directly engaged in the evaluation and administrative procedures have access to this data.
  • The International Procurement and Supply Chain Awards Secretariat will take all reasonable steps to keep all applications and information confidential. However, the International Procurement and Supply Chain Awards Secretariat cannot be held responsible for any violation of confidentiality by the applicants or any other party.
  • The International Procurement and Supply Chain Awards Secretariat retains the right to publicise salient information of the Award Winners' Innovative methods/processes/Improvement initiatives/Schemes for the aim of knowledge exchange and raising industry standards.
  • To be considered as a IPSCA submission, the required application for and details must be submitted in full by the deadline of 25th October, 2021 at 11pm
  • If you have any trouble submitting your form, please email at or call +971-4-3148500
  • Disclaimer: Launched in 2014, IPSC Global Awards is an initiative to recognize and honour the most remarkable and inspirational leadership strategies in procurement and supply chain-related sectors implemented by organizations/executives to leverage the industries. We are proud to be an authentic platform that celebrates excellence and meritorious efforts, regardless of the company size. The results are an outcome of a strict assessment process by a panel of industry experts from our Advisory Board council, who select the finalists and winners purely based on qualitative and quantitative performance indicators.