Cobus Barnard

Group Chief Executive Officer at LiebenGroup

Cobus Barnard who is Group CEO at LiebenGroup has joined the 6th International Procurement and Supply Chain Conference as a Speaker for the event.

In a career span of 35 years, Cobus has dedicated his strengths to growing business strategies for organizational and individual development. Through his vast retail leadership experience which spans across Africa, UAE and the UK, he has worked with top South African retailers, such as Woolworths and Pick n Pay, both corporate and franchise business models.

As the Group Chief Executive Officer of the LiebenGroup, Cobus’ success can be measured through his ability to build high-performing teams, that offer diverse skills which seamlessly integrates into operational excellence. Building a supply chain capability from a zero base to that which is world-class within 7 years, allowed him to utilize his leadership skills whilst working alongside industry specialists.

Being an analytical and seasoned supply chain business intelligence leader, with an understanding that technology paves the way to manage, plan and lead towards sustainability, Cobus has played an instrumental role in developing structure, process, systems, building teams to deliver to their best potential within both Store Operations and Supply Chain environments.

The value chain extends to the logistics arm, to get products onto retailers’ shelves. With solid expertise in retail and supply chain, Cobus brings his valuable experience into keeping the wheels moving in the most productive, cost-effective manner. His strategies have played a crucial role in delivering the retail equation to customers: The right product, at the right time, at the right place, at the right price!