Nina Stephanie Falk

Senior Manager – Ecommerce, Alshaya Group

Join the 6th International Procurement and Supply Chain Conference 2021 by Blue Ocean Academy to listen to the voices of young women Speakers such as Nina Stephanie Falk, sharing her experiences of being a women leader in E-commerce and procurement.

Ms. Nina is a young, dynamic, and spirited professional from the world of Ecommerce who is truly inspired by the innovations and excellence of the Supply Chain Management. Currently, she is working for retail franchise operator Alshaya group to help them develop processes and procedures that will support and facilitate e-commerce growth across the region.

She is a dedicated and smart working professional, an idol for many women who aspire to become a part of the supply chain workforce. Ms. Nina graduated with a BBA from the University of Applied Sciences Emden-Leer. She strongly believes that improvement is a must to explore the best and is highly motivated by the excellent strategies of the ever-evolving SCM industry. Ms. Nina believes in focusing on details that support in transforming processes to become more efficient and effective, something which is imperative to promote more aggressive performance goals across areas such as purchasing, general operations, and distribution.