About Seminars and Workshops

Since its inception, Blue Ocean has extensively conducted endless seminars and workshops across the Middle East for a wide category of audience from different industries like Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, Finance, HR, Project Management, Aviation and more. Blue Ocean Conferences hosts a variety of seminars, workshops and training programs involving brief presentations by subject to matter experts to small and medium group exercises, designed to promote interactive and engaging learning techniques. Such practices are not only instrumental in enhancing your knowledge; they shape networking opportunities as well.

With an ocean of wealth offered by our Blue Ocean and guest faculty, seminars and workshops offered by Blue Ocean Conferences have created a legacy in shaping a new generation of industry leaders for various sectors from government and private entities. Depending upon the criteria and mode of programs, workshops can take place in large conference halls or small meeting rooms, where the style of training session is also dependent on the organisation using the facilities.

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