Accounts and Finance

Blue Ocean has successfully run a series of engaging webinars that focused on various strategic and analytical elements that hold high importance to finance and accounts management professionals. Our webinar programs feature insightful topics and discussions that heavily boost the knowledge of finance professionals and enable them to enact thought leadership and developments in the profession.

Back to back, we have been offering monthly webinars on CMA (Certified Management Accountant), CAMS Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and more that empowers both entry and senior-level management accountants to become leaders within the profession.

Previous Webinars

5 Simple Steps to Analyze Financial Statements
JUNE 7, 2021
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Reduce Procurement Fraud and Increase Profitability
MAY 17, 2021
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Why CMA is Important for a Career in Finance
APRIL 3, 2021
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Monitoring Business Health Using Financial Metrics
OCTOBER 21, 2020
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10 Key Reasons Why Financial Literacy is Important
AUGUST 14, 2020
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Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
JULY 7, 2020
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Anti Money Laundering
JUNE 26, 2020
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Working Capital Management
JUNE 3, 2020
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Accounts Receivable
APRIL 22, 2020
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