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The smartest HR teams are those that are aware of the “future of work”. And with changes getting more dramatic than ever, the future will arrive faster. While tomorrow’s HR leaders will have to be more tech-savvy and agile, they must also be able to accommodate something more exciting, more big and extra-ordinary in their area of work.

Blue Ocean Conferences is proud to present the International Human Resources Conference (IHRC) on 18th June, 2022, Saturday at the Armani Hotel in Dubai-Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates. Themed on the concept of “HR Metaverse – Transforming Human Capital Digitally”, IHRC will serve as a niche platform for HR leaders and professionals to unite and gain world-class insights enabling the profession to thrive in an ever-transforming world of action.

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International Human Resource Conference
Transforming Human Capital Digitally
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