About IPSC

The International Procurement and Supply Chain Conference, popularly known as IPSC is a flagship event by Blue Ocean Conferences, primarily targeted towards the development and expansion of the global supply chain community. IPSC summons trailblazers, thought leaders, promising talents, and experts from a global landscape; facilitates exclusive enlightening sessions and networking opportunities, all designed to overcome challenges and enable every unit of the supply chain industry to thrive and flourish freely.

One of the most promising events in recent times, the IPSC has garnered appreciation and popularity since its inception in 2014. Starting from the first conference in Doha, Qatar, gradually moving on to a series of events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh, IPSC once again created history with its mega-successful 6th edition on November 6, 2021 in Dubai.

At Blue Ocean Conferences, we believe in global empowerment, something that forms an underlying theme for all our events including IPSC. Through the IPSC conferences, attendees have the invaluable scope for gaining insights into the emerging trends, top strategies, all of which help you tackle headwinds in the unpredictable and dynamic world of logistics, procurement, and supply chain.

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